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Pleurodesis is a treatment that is mostly reserved for severe pleural effusion and also malignant pleural effusion that is secondary to cancers to prevent the re-accumulation of the fluid.


The proven safety and efficacy of minimal access video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has changed the way we manage this condition. VATS is a type of surgery done using a small video camera in the patients chest via a scope.


During pleurodesis, an irritant is administered in the pleural space in order to create inflammation that causes the membranes around the lungs to stick together and prevents the buildup of fluid in the pleural space. This procedure thereby prevents the pleural effusion from recurring.


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Identifying the cause of the effusion is important because the treatment will be targeted towards this cause. The doctor will find a treatment that will work best on the patient based on what type of effusion and symptoms the patient have.
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