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Pleural effusions are never normal. Their occurrence mostly suggests that the underlying illness has advanced enough to cause the effusion.
In a broader sense, the outlook for patients with Pleural effusion depends on its primary cause and whether it can be eliminated. Some forms of pleural effusion, such as that seen after abdominal surgery, or recent delivery (in pregnancy) are only temporary. For lung infection and pneumonia, if promptly given antibiotic treatment, the prognosis is excellent especially if the patient is young and healthy. With pulmonary embolism, if only a small percentage of the lungs is affected, the prognosis is also good. If due to heart failure or cancer that cannot be controlled, the prognosis is poor and the effusion is likely to recur.

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Identifying the cause of the effusion is important because the treatment will be targeted towards this cause. The doctor will find a treatment that will work best on the patient based on what type of effusion and symptoms the patient have.
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