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The main goal of the treatment of the pleural effusion is for re-expansion of the lung and improvement in the symptomatology of the shortness of breath and the chest pain.  


  • The first line of treatment is a Thoracentesis that would remove the fluid from the space.  This fluid can be examined for different pathological processes.  However, many times diagnosis of cancer can be missed on the examination of the fluid.


  • In some cases, Chest tube placement would be more effective in draining the fluid fully that is more viscous that cannot be evacuated with a simple thoracentesis.


  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery with Pleurodesis is a treatment that is mostly reserved for severe pleural effusion and also malignant pleural effusion that is secondary to cancers.



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Identifying the cause of the effusion is important because the treatment will be targeted towards this cause. The doctor will find a treatment that will work best on the patient based on what type of effusion and symptoms the patient have.
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